How Do You Like Your Coffee? It May Reveal Your Personality Traits

How do you prefer your coffee?

How do you prefer your coffee?

Hot, cold, iced? Tbh, I enjoy my coffee all sorts of ways. In fact, Dr. Nebraska and I have 3 different ways of brewing java here in the apartment, but I always find myself starting off the day with a cup of hot drip coffee.

There's a new survey out there that says how you prefer your coffee may reveal a bit about your personality. For instance,

Hot coffee drinkers are most likely to be:

Boomers, with 94% of those over 56 preferring their coffee hot.

They are also more likely to be extroverts (40%), who prefer overcast weather (36%).

Their favorite TV shows include “Schitt’s Creek” (36%) and “Friends” (32%)


40% of Zoomers prefer their coffee cold or iced. Interesting.

As for TV shows, their favorites include “Unsolved Mysteries” (37%) and "Friends" (34%)

And their favorite music comes from Megan Thee Stallion (22%) and Kane Brown (20%)

(source: SWNS Digital)

:: runs to order an ICED almond latte stat so I can appear younger:: 😂

Let's be honest with ourselves though, no matter how coffee is offered, I'll drink it (as long as there's no dairy.) How do you prefer your coffee?

photo credit: Getty Images