Snow Day Photo Shoot

I watched my boyfriend Dr. Nebraska patiently dig his car out of 17 inches of dense snow this morning. I kept peeking out the window to check his progress (and to make sure he was OK... we live on a busy street.) I think it was only a matter of minutes before the coat came off and he was breaking a sweat.

The kind of snow that hit the Tri-State was a dense, wet snow. Fun for snowpeople and snowball fights... challenging to clean up though.

After the day was done, we decided to go outdoors and have a little fun. My snow pants don't exactly button up anymore (thanks pandemic), but with the coat over it no one could tell and we had a little snowball throwing... AND we paid respect to this beautiful snow woman I wish I could take credit for!

Photo Credit: me and my self timer/remote // shot with my Sony A7iii

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