Give Our Take Podcast: Discussions About Racism, Sexism & Apologies

On the second episode of the newly-named Give Our Take podcast, Wendy and Jaki sit down with writer and contributor Ime to discuss an op-ed she wrote entitled “Black People Don’t Want Your Second Handed Apologies. How Apologies From Young Racists Caught In the Act Mean Nothing”.

The women discuss the implications of posting to social media and how the intention behind these posts matter, (1:30.)

Then, the group goes on to discuss a viral and hateful TikTok featured in the article, (4:30) and ponder whether racism is a learned behavior, (7:10.) Adding on, the women weigh in on apologies and what makes them meaningful, (9:00,) while shifting focus to speak about how young people are trying to get involved and shape their America (14:30.)

Circling back to apologies, GoT ends with giving their thoughts about Representative Ted Yoho and his “apology” to fellow Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,(25:10.)

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