Wendy Wild: New Podcast Alert 🚨

Photo Credit: Sebastian Gordon-Somers-Archer


Or proto-pod if you will as we’re existing on IGTV and YouTube for the time being. ⁣

Join me and my friends Jaki,@uniqueny_ (producer/co-host) and Alyssa (editor/contributor), Ime,@_simplyime (writer/contributor) and Alex (contributor) as we navigate the world of current events and politics and speak with community leaders who are taking action to enact change.

On today’s pilot episode Jaki and I discuss the TikTok controversy and welcome guest,Sebastian Gordon-Somers-Archer (@sjgsa), one of the founders of @occupyfohi and organizer of local #BLM protests. ⁣

Sebastian is a recent college graduate from SUNY New Paltz, captain of the men’s soccer team, and was selected by Nike as one of 14 African-American students from across the country who have made an impact on their communities via the sport they play. ⁣

“Remember, you don’t have to be an activist to create any change you want to see.”

We will be coming soon to a podcast platform near you, but for now we would love your feedback on our new venture and appreciate any suggestions!