#BodyPositivity: @ashleygraham starts new Body Positive @TikTok Challenge!

This comes to us from SCARY MOMMY... and it's all about BODY POSITIVITY...

Ashley Graham has started a new challenge on TikTok to get women to share what they love about themselves. The model and body positivity guru kicks things off by showing us her favorite parts of her body. In her original video, she calls her thighs “the strongest part of my body,” her eyes the “sexiest,” her jawline her “favorite” and her beaming smile “the most important.” And as for the part of her body she’d change? Not one thing.

Graham then encourages other women to post their own videos for the self-love challenge. She shares a compilation on Instagram of those that followed her lead to highlight what they love about their bodies. “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” she writes. “So many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies.”

And it’s easy to see why seeing the results of the challenge moved Graham to tears. Watching these women open up about what makes them beautiful is emotional. And even if you don’t post a video for the world to see, this is the kind of self-love we need to be giving ourselves every day.