VIRAL: This is what a MOUNTAIN LION looks like when they stalk YOUR KIDS!


This video is going viral because Yahoo picked it up and shared it with just about everyone...

It's a MOUNTAIN LION in Pacifica, California, stalking some KIDS.

That's right. The COUGAR wants to get that prey. Dinner. Lunch. Maybe brunch. It is what big cats do and OMG where is JOE EXOTIC or the CAROLE BASKINS?

Is what happened -allegedly - to her husband about to happen to these kids?

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Finally, I want to encourage Zak Kapugi to remember that you win one week, you lose the next. But you've already won the week that matters so you are playing with house money! Stay focused. Pick wisely. We are all better because you are raising the game!

If you don't get what that means, well, whoops. But I'm not off brand!