#RELATIONSHIPS | Seven Signs YOURS Might Be Headed Toward Separation

I hope your relationship is going well... but the truth is, I've screwed up relationships enough to know that things... just go wrong.

And while you may put on a brave front, things might not be the best for you and your paramour, especially if you can say any of these seven signs are present in your relationship. That's why this list of seven signs really resonated with me. Because I've lived 'em. I've been guilty of them and I've been the recipient of them, too.

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1) Unresponsiveness and turning away from or ignoring bids for connection.

2) Emotional Unavailability.

3) No joy. No affection. No humor.

4) They don't attempt to soothe or comfort you.

5) Not considering each other when making decisions.

6) They've lost interest in you.

7) You feel loneliness.

I trust you and your partner are doing well... and I'm thinking about you. That is, after all, why I wrote this.