I was in New York City this weekend. It's not an "anarchist jurisdiction"

Originally, I was going to write to you about what I saw in New York City over the weekend.

I was going to tell you that the city - which was hammered early on during this global pandemic - had a funky vibe in mid-town, near Penn Station and by the New York Times...

I was going to tell you that New York City seemed a bit.... quiet... as most restaurants and bars haven't returned to indoor dining. That happens on September 30th, I'm told.

I was going to tell you that maybe I'd consider waiting a minute before going to visit the city because the city is still waking up from this COVID COMA...

... and then I read this news story which said the Department of Justice had designated New York City as a "anarchist jurisdiction."


I'm not getting political. I'm reporting what I saw. And what I saw was NOT some sort of CITY OF ANARCHY.


I saw life - humans celebrating life, wearing masks and dining outside in the East Village on Saturday night. I had BRUNCH at a great restaurant with others - outside - on SUNDAY before coming back home, although it was a bit cool. I watched people riding bikes, I had several UBER rides with drivers who told me about how bad things were for a time but how things... were making a comeback. I thanked police officers who were on guard at Port Authority in front of the New York Times. I shopped for things. I hung alone at an English Pub and listened to live music played by a live musician for the first time in months.

I inhaled the life of the City That Never Sleeps... and it breathed into me a promise: We endure.

I'm not saying New York City was perfect. I saw some stuff which made me go "woah..."

But that wasn't anarchy. We can have another conversation about mental health, socio-economics and whatnot at another time. It wasn't anything having to do with COVID.

I DID see a peaceful protest. Covered by the media - and protected by the NYPD - and there was nothing "anarchy" about it.

For too long, cities of a certain population, political persuasion and the like, have been turned into pawns in some senselessly reckless rhetorical games.

For far too long, cities like New York, have been used as a catalyst to start some sort of division.

There is nothing wrong with New York City. I was there. I did not see any "anarchy..."

What I did see was an American city which is singing along with a British pop song from the early 2000's... the band was CHUMBAWUMBA.

The song?


"I get knocked down, but I get up again... you're never gonna keep me down... "


There's just an American City. Upset about how things have been handled. Upset about the current state of current affairs in a country we all care deeply about... and a city which is getting back up, after being knocked down once again before the eyes of the world... which is poised to once again lead the world.

As New York City goes... so goes America.

So let's hear it for New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Anarchy. Are you kidding me right now?