#THROWBACK: Me. My Bro. Easter. Don't judge my hair!

Happy Easter Week, people of the EASTER persuasion!

Let's take a walk down memory lane... back to Corpus Christi, Texas. See that photo on my Insta? That would be my brother, Todd, and myself, fresh after hunting some eggs around the pool and in the backyard of our family home, which was then, the home of my Meme and Papa!

Clearly we had a decent morning of uncovering the hidden stash of goodness from the Easter Bunny...

Ya know, it's kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to getting home to see my parents... but given these interesting times, I'm hopeful a Facetime conversation will suffice. Or maybe a Zoom conference. Or something.

Traditions... are a thing. I guess given the magnitude of what we're facing as a society, I've become a bit more introspective about things which matter more than possessions or stuff or whatever. I'm learning through this that there are things which are truly priceless... things we've always known about but maybe just took for granted.





Yeah... those are the real treasures in this life. The things which are really priceless. While other "stuff" may be cool... it's the priceless which has value... real value...

... priceless like an old actual photograph.

Thanks for reading...



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