#LEARNSOMETHING | Life Skills to Teach Teens STUCK at HOME!

A few weeks ago, you may have been worried that your teen didn’t have enough time to sleep between school, activities, work, and socializing. But now that they have all this free time on their hands, it’s the ideal time for them to learn some adulting skills that aren’t covered at school. And as a bonus, you’ll be keeping them busy and distracting them while they’re cooped up at home.

  • How to make a phone call- Believe it or not, a lot of teens and young adults don’t know how because they only use the phone to text, so making a call is intimidating to them. If you have upcoming appointments that need to be cancelled or takeout to order, let them practice by making those calls for you. Give them a script and stand by to help.
  • How to read for fun- They might not learn this in school, so give them the chance for self-driven reading now.
  • How to manage their time- Teens are used to having set schedules made for them, but when they get to college, that all changes. So get them prepared now by letting them have some input in what they do when and how they spend their time by creating their own schedule for the day, then review it with them to see how they did.
  • How to write an email- Some schools don’t teach this and teens need to learn how to communicate with people who aren’t in their circle of friends.
  • How to plan meals, shop for food, and cook- Teach teens Home Ec skills by asking them to help plan your family’s meals for the week and have them see if their grocery plan fits into your budget. If not, have them make swaps. Encourage them to focus on nutrition, help them cook, and teach them how to use and store leftovers, too.
  • How to handle disappointment- All the plans they’re missing out on can become a learning opportunity for them to create a plan B and come up with positives in a negative situation.
  • How to manage household chores- Teach teens to do laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other tasks and put together a schedule so they help and can stay on top of everything.
  • How to handle minor household problems and emergencies -This is the ideal time to make sure your teen knows how to check for a flipped circuit breaker, turn off the water main and use a fire extinguisher.


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