#TobyTalk | See the solution...

There are a couple of ways to deal with life, I think, in this "new" normal...

You can either let it freak you out, stress you out, or, you can see the solution and go after it.

I like the "see the solution" approach. That's how innovation happens. How "things" get invented. How problems get solved and how, I think, life moves forward.

Just this week, Sir James Dyson, the British inventor who brought us the vacuum which doesn't lose suction among other "things" saw that humanity needs more ventilators as we cope with the "virus we don't speak of..." What did he do? Go on TV and complain that we don't have enough of them to take care of people?

No. He, in a matter of days, went and designed one... and made one... and now he's manufacturing a bunch of 'em for the hospitals and people who need 'em.

Innovation, imagination. Seeing the solution. Going to get it. It's how things get done...

You've gotta work from home... so you get the things you need to do so.

You've gotta take care of your family during a quarantine situation.... so you find ways to take care of your family.

We need to remember that every problem has a solution and we can and will find that solution... if we just see the solution in our minds... and work through, with imagination... and even the audacity of a dream or two... to get there.

We will.

Be well today, k?



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