#TobyTalk | Okay, so... it's just okay...

"It's just okay..."

We used to have this saying for things which were neither bad or good... they weren't great but they weren't horrible. Something which fell into this category was deemed to be "just okay..."

Not great. Not horrible. Not terrible. Not over the moon awesome.

Just. Okay.

It seems like these days, we've got a bunch of 'just okay' days going on. We've got a pandemic which shows no signs of ending. We are socially distanced, isolated from one another, with lives disrupted all in an effort to keep this COVID-19 gimmick at some sort of bay. Grocery stores have empty shelves. We're anxious. People are rocking gloves and masks... and we're using hand sanitizer like it's cologne or perfume while we're washing our hands like it's going out of style. Disruption is part of a new reality... and as a result... it's making what could be great days... just okay.

But you know what else is happening?

Some pretty okay stuff when you think about it.

My daughter and I took our puppy for a walk and talked about life and stuff the other day. I can't remember the last time that happened.

I cooked. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Eventually I'll get around to the laundry... that happens, but I dread it happening. But when I do, that will be an okay thing, right?

So, while there are some blah-okay things happening... there are some pretty decent-okay things happening... and I'd bet that you've got some decent-okay things happening in your life, as well.

Sure, these days will drag a bit. Yeah, they're less than ideal. But they okay. And it's okay for some just okay things to happen... because good or bad... we're here today living life... and that's pretty okay, if you ask me.

It's okay to be just okay... even if just for a day.

Thanks for reading and for being here...



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