#TobyTrip: Christmas Night. London. Live Music. Room Service.

"What time is it??"

That's what I said as I rolled over and grabbed my phone just a few minutes ago. I looked around the room to find Kyla sleeping, our black-out shades closed, but the TV was on as some BBC-TV station played highlights of the Queen's Christmas Speech.

It's Christmas Day in London, and we've just crushed an epic power nap.

Local time is 1545 hours The sun... is setting. Back home, it's 1045 hours and Santa's special deliveries are still being unwrapped, unboxed and broken in around many Christmas trees. On the West Coast, it's even earlier... and the idea that Santa came is just becoming a realization.

Kyla and I? Well, we were just freaking tired. So at some point, we both passed out. I'm thinking at around 1000 hours local time.

Good morning, London.

The downside of an all-night flight is that your body clock - and the time change - catches you. It plays games with your head, metabolism, your awareness... all of it. But that's okay. It's Christmas. We have a great room at the Hilton Tower Bridge. We're in London. And everyone knows... that the LIGHTS in LONDON at CHRISTMAS are the greatest thing you can witness.

I'm listening to Kyla breathe deeply... she's passed OUT. I'm up now. My mind is racing, thinking of all we have to see... of what we need to see... as we head out into this city to take it all in.

"Kyla! Wake up... the sun is setting and we're in London!" I said, loudly, in hopes she would start to wake up.

She didn't move.

"Kyla! I'm getting cleaned up, dressed and I'm going out to experience this city with you or without you... do you want to just sleep, because I'm going..."

That got a bit of an arousal....

"Hmmphhherrr I just need about five minutes I'm tired okayyyyy?" she said.

"You need to get ready first it takes you longer but if I get ready first, and I leave first, I'm just going to go," I said hoping it would help to fire her up a bit to get her moving.

"YOU SHOWER" she said, sounding like a teenage HULK from the Avengers Movies.

And so I did. I hopped in the shower, got cleaned up, got myself sorted for a Christmas Evening in this wonderful city and as I did, she got up. After I got ready, I said, "I'm going down to the bar and I'll hang while you get ready to go," to which she said "okay" and so here I am. Sitting in the lounge area of the bar area of the Hilton Tower Bridge writing this to you on my phone whilst she gets ready to go.

"A vodka mixed with, what was it, OJ and Cran, sir?" the barkeep just asked, to which I said, "cheers!"

Christmas evening in London. The sun sets so early here... it's 1630 hours... and we've got our entire night ahead of us...

... assuming someone gets ready to go somewhat quickly...

The Christmas sun is fading as London lights up. I just got a text from Kyla that she's almost ready. Good thing, too... these British know how to mix a proper drink... and I'm feeling merry, bright and up for a walk...

Kyla's coming down... I'll write more in a bit... I feel like wonder... is waiting.

Ho Ho Ho and Cheerio!


Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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