One month. Countless adventures. All before the end of the decade.

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Oh, where do I begin.

Counting Crows had this song back in the 90's called A LONG DECEMBER. Now, December, for me, wasn't long... it was just busy... thrilling... full of experiences and adventures and OH was it SO worth it.

In the coming blog posts, I'll recount our Holiday Adventures and Shenanigans. Shenanigans because, as you may or may not know, I went down to the wire working on getting Kyla, my 15-year-old daughter's Passport. I literally picked it up from the passport agency a WEEK before we were to hop on a plane for London. Oh there will be more of those shenanigans, as you'll read in the coming posts. Not to mention, I literally worked up until 10:30 AM - just hours before our flight to London. From some last minute appearances and some last minute requests from colleagues, I was crazy busy until I got a text from a neighbor to remind me that he would see me in an hour so we could get to the airport well in advance of our international flight.

What you'll read is more-or-less a daily journal that I kept as we prepared to leave the country, on-flight, in London, on a train, in Paris and Disneyland Paris... and as we came back home... because the adventures weren't just international... oh no.

That was just the beginning... of the greatest end-of-a-decade run I've ever had in my life. Ever.

So, come along, won't you? And if you've got any questions or if there's anything you want to know along the way, please, feel free to chime in! Message me directly or comment me on Facebook with your thoughts!

So, let's begin...


December 24, 2019 - Christmas Eve.

I should really NOT be writing this blog right now. Our flight to Atlanta is at 15:15 from Dulles. Our ride is picking us up at 12:00. It's 09:30 and I'm at the iHeartRadio studios finishing up a few things which I call "loose" ends. I had a few holiday shows to finish, and some work to send to different markets and I couldn't do it at home. So of course I came to work while Kyla stayed home to pack. At least, I hope she's packing.

This trip to London and Paris was Kyla's idea. Back in June (I think) at Fontina Grille in King Farm, she told me the only thing she wanted for Christmas this year... was to go to London. I said, "okay... well, I guess I should figure out how we're gonna go to London."

Several months later, after being nudged by Kyla about the trip, I found really affordable airfare online via CHEAP-O AIR which would take us from Dulles to Atlanta and on to London's Heathrow airport and then, back from Heathrow airport to Dulles when we returned. The airfare was affordable - but clearly not cheap - but I do believe I saved because while I was searching out prices, I compared notes between the "travel websites" and feel pretty good about what we paid, and the value we received. I did have to pay a bit extra to provide for some checked bags - because bags don't fly free internationally, I guess, but that was cool.

I need to get back to work so I can get home, finish packing my bag and making sure Kyla is good to go, but I will say I found it interesting that my flights were booked via the airline KLM, but I'm not going to be flying on a KLM flight or plane. Is that weird? My flight to Atlanta is on a Delta flight, and my flight to England is on Virgin America, which I'm certainly NOT upset about - they're one of the best airlines on the PLANET. It's just weird to me that I booked a KLM flight, but, it's anything but KLM!

Weird? Am I over-thinking it? Probably.

Okay, I need to get back to work now so I can go. It's always BREEZY in Philadelphia, ya'll! (That's a shoutout to the station I'm working on something for, sorry if that made you go "what does that mean?"

I'll write again from the plane but it will probably be after we get to Atlanta and on our way to London... we don't have much time on the ground to switch planes and that has me going "hmm...."

More later...


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