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So… About all those parents who named their daughters Khaleesi. 560 babies were named "Khaleesi" last year in the U.S. And after last week’s GOT episode, some of those parents are rethinking their decision … (MSN)

Would you take a job you hate if the money was right? According to a new survey, a lot of American workers would leave a job they like, or even love, for a job they hate … if the price was right. And how much is the price for misery? An increase of $15,000 a year … or at least $77,000 a year. (SWNS)

Speaking of work… What do you think is the best job for lazy people? According to Reddit users, being a security guard is one of the best jobs for lazy people. (The Ladders)

Honor roll getting rolled… In Cincinnati, Ohio, a high school is eliminating the Valedictorian honor in hopes of getting rid of “unhealthy competitiveness” among students. Beginning next year, Mason High School will no longer recognize a valedictorian or salutatorian. School officials say they’re making the change to improve the mental health of students -- and discourage the most ambitious kids to chill out a bit more. (Cincinnati.com)

Pool bath… A new survey revealed that 51% of Americans use a dip in the pool as an alternative to bathing after exercise or outdoor work. If you are guilty of this, just remember … 40% of adults surveyed admitted to peeing in a pool. (Buzz 60)


With summer just around the corner, plenty of state fairs across the country will be rolling out new and fun deep fried food.

But in July, the Calgary Stampede festival will open up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada-- and it seems they’re pushing fried food to a whole new level.

Among the stuff they’re offering:

  • Bacon Onion Rings on a Stick
  • Butter Beer Ice Cream
  • Cheesy Ramen Dogs
  • Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Frog Legs
  • Deep-fried Twizzlers
  • Monster Bug Bowl (with actual bugs!)
  • Octo Lolly (an octopus on a lollipop!)
  • Wild Boar Bacon Elk Burger (BroBible)

What Is Your Worst Restaurant Pet Peeve? In Sterling Heights, Michigan, a man allegedly threatened the workers at a restaurant because they were out of ranch dressing. Cops were called to diffuse the situation.

Not that you’d threaten violence, but is there anything that really gets you riled up at restaurants? Any serious pet peeves?

If something’s going on at a restaurant that you don’t like -- bad service, wrong food -- how likely are you to say something?

Are you quick to complain? Or… Do you just roll with it… and leave a lousy tip?


According to a new study, people around the world are drinking lots more alcohol than ever before.

Researchers found that alcohol consumption increased by nearly 10 times on average -- per person -- since 1990.

By 2030, the scientists expect that half of the world's adults will drink -- and more than 20 percent will binge drink at least once a month. (KABC-TV)

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