#CHOCOLATE: Hershey releases EMOJI CHOCOLATE BAR! You see this?


Dear Hershey,

Hi. It's me.

Love the new Hershey Bar featuring emojis you are set to launch this Summer.

If I get a room at the Hotel Hershey and hang out for a release weekend celebration, can I have a box of the first EMOJI HERSHEY BARS that you guys are gonna drop this Summer?

As you know, Hershey, we have a long relationship, stretching back to 1998 and stuff.

Anyway, I'm pumped about this. Hope you'll let me help celebrate it's release. If not, I get it.

Regardless, I'll be swimming at the Hotel Hershey pool hopeful that we can have a great celebration of this greatness which you are dropping on an emoji-enabled world...

Milton would be LOL right now. True story.


PS: Wanna meet for dinner at Harvest? Ya know, If I ever get married... I might wanna do it in this space. Just thinking out loud.

K, bye.


Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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