Crazy Medical Codes That Actually Exist

When you visit a hospital or doctor’s office and have any type of medical treatment, a medical code is assigned on your chart. Most medical codes are for things like casting a broken arm or putting stitches in to close a cut. Then there are some medical codes that are really out there but are needed so they can be documented properly on your medical chart. Take a look at the list below.

(W59.22XA) Struck By Turtle: How does this happen, turtles are slow. Pay attention to the area around your ankles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle perhaps?

(R15.2) Fecal Urgency: This is no laughing matter.

(Y93.D1) Accident While Knitting or Crocheting: This competitive sport may require protective gear.

(V95.43XS) Spacecraft collision injuring occupant: At least they are planning for the future. Right now, this is only good for a small handful of people in the world.

(W61.33XA) Pecked by chicken: I guess it could be revenge for eating its relatives.

(W55.41XA) Bitten by pig: Pigs will eat anything... stay clear.

(V91.07XA) Burn due to water-skis on fire: How is this even possible? How many people has this happened to?

(Y92.250) Art gallery as the place of occurrence of the external cause: Falling painting, statue? Steer clear of art galleries.

(Y92.253) Opera house as the place of occurrence of the external cause: Are attendees poking their eyes with fancy binoculars?

(Z63.1) Problems in relationship with in-laws: What does this even mean? This is a medical procedure?

(W61.62XD) Struck by duck: If a herd of wild ducks starts to rush you, just throw the bag of bread in the air and run!

(V97.33XD) Sucked into jet engine: Note, don't hang out in front of jet engines.

(W61.12XA) Struck by macaw: How often does this happen?

(W220.2XD) Walked into lamppost: This one must be a sign of the times. Everyone is staring at their smart phones instead of looking where they are going.

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