Say What? Brand Names We All Pronounce Wrong.

Ever see a new perfume in a store or an ad for some fashion brand and realize you’re not quite sure how to pronounce it? You’re definitely not alone there. It turns out, lots of us get tongue-tied by some of the popular fashion and beauty brands, but we’re here to help. Preply, the online language instruction platform, analyzed Google search data to come up with the most commonly mispronounced fashion and beauty brands.

According to language experts, these are the ones most of us are saying wrong in fashion:

  • Hermès - Topping the list is this French luxury retailer. Every month, there are more than 8-thousand searches for “How to say Hermès.” And the answer is “EHR-mez.”
  • Louis Vuitton - Number two for fashion brands with more than 7-thousand pronunciation searches every month is Louis Vuitton, which is correctly pronounced “Lou-ee VWEE-tah-n”
  • Versace - Coming in third with more than 51-hundred monthly searches is this Italian luxury brand who’s creative director, Donatella, is known for telling people to say it “Ver-sah-CHEH,” not the more commonly heard “Ver-sah-CHEE.”
  • Givenchy - This elegant fashion house that dressed the iconic Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is actually pronounced “Jee-VOHN-Shee.”
  • Gucci - For those who aren’t sure how to say the popular Italian brand, it should be “GOO-Chee.”

And the most mispronounced beauty brands are:

  • L’Occitane - The French luxury retailer also confuses many, as there are more than 18-hundred searches for the correct pronunciation every month and it is “Lox-EE-tahn.”
  • CeraVe - The popular drugstore skincare brand is the second most searched name, which is said ‘CER-ah-vee.”
  • Schwarzkopf - This one is a little trickier to pronounce, but it should be “Shvaats-Kopf.”
  • La Roche-Posay - Another challenging name, the correct way to say it is “La-Rou-Shh Po-say.”
  • Estee Lauder - The popular beauty brand should be pronounced “Ess-Tay Law-Der.”

Source: Best Life

Photo: Getty Images

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