Do's and Don'ts of Dressing Younger

No one wants to make themselves look older on purpose, but it turns out, we may be doing it when we get dressed. Stylist Katrina Bowman says some common fashion mistakes are actually aging us. She shares which items are making us look frumpy and how to dress younger instead.

  • Don’t wear large prints - According to Katrina, large prints can make us appear old before our time. She recommends sticking with smaller patterns or pairing a print with a solid to create a more youthful look.
  • Do find jeans in a modern cut - When it comes to denim, this expert recommends ditching dated mid-calf capris in favor of a fresher style. She uses ankle length skinny jeans with a long sleeve fitted black top as an example of a modern cut that helps you look younger.
  • Don’t wear baggy blazers - Lots of women turn to blazers to dress up an outfit, but Katrina warns to steer clear of certain styles. “Stay away from baggy, shapeless blazers,” she says. Instead she recommends choosing ones with a structured, tailored look.
  • Do go for stylish shoes - We’re all for comfy footwear, but that shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when shopping, according to this stylist. She suggests looking for shoes that are comfortable, but also trendy, giving brown ballerina flats as an example.

Source: The Sun

Photo: Getty Images

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