What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

If you’ve ever wondered if the “you are what you eat” phrase also applies to drinks, the answer is yes. Especially when it comes to everyone’s favorite form of bean juice. A new survey has found how you take your coffee says a lot about personality.

  • Ice Coffee.The average cold brew or iced coffee drinker is someone that loves sunny weather, bingeing sci-fi shows, listening to Meghan Thee Stallion and they’re more likely to be introverted. Their social media platform of choice is Instagram and they’re also most likely in Gen Z.
  • Hot Coffee. People that take their coffee hot are more likely to be extroverts, love overcast weather, watch comedy shows, browse Facebook, and listen to Taylor Swift. It’s also the preferred drink of the Baby Boomers. The study found 94% of people over the age of 56 only drink their coffee hot.

Regardless of whether you drink it out of a mug, or with a straw, coffee lovers can agree on one thing and that is that it’s hard to live without it. In fact, the study found nearly one out of five people would rather give up social media, television, or booze than coffee.Even after a year of those three being the only things they can safely look forward to after work... they still choose coffee. Can you say addicted?

Source:Study Finds

The study also found that one in four people that prefer milk in their coffee would rather not drink it than switch to plant-based milk and I am willing to bet 100% of those people have never tried all the different ones. Also, what kind of coffee drinker are you if you’re willing to skip a cup? I don’t care if it has a splash of motor oil in it. If it’s before noon and I haven’t had any, I am drinking it.

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