Debate: Utensil Drawer

We doubt that many people spend a lot of time contemplating how to store their cutlery in their kitchen drawers, but apparently it’s the subject of some major debate online. 

The controversy started after a woman posted a picture of her very organized utensil drawer, arranged with the knives first, followed by the forks and spoons. When she asked others how they arrange their drawers a major debate ensued with over 10,000 people putting in their two cents about what they deem the correct way to store their cutlery.

  • "Nooo. Forks on the left as most people eat with a folk in that hand and the knife in the right,” one person commented. “You’re stressing me out!"
  • Another added, "This makes me very uneasy! Knives to the right please."
  • One commenter insisted, “Fork knife spoons,” adding, “your tray is driving me mad, I want to come and swap them over, How do you hold your cutlery? I hold it Fork in left hand knife in right, I wonder if we put them in order depending on which hand."
  • The poster did have some supporters though, with one person noting, "Defo!! I even have a habit of changing other peoples if I go into theirs as it plays with my head! Aha! Knife fork spoon!! 100 %!"

Source:The Sun

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