Easter Egg Fun with Kool-Aid

There are only a few more weeks until Easter, so it’s almost time to dye eggs again. Most of us grew up with those store-bought kits and we’ll never forget the vinegary smell and dye tablets that went with them. But if you’re looking for a less stinky method, the key ingredient could be in your pantry right now.

Kool-Aid, that old-school drink mix, actually dissolves to create a dye that’ll make everyone envious at your egg hunt. All you need is a few packets of powdered Kool-Aid, your hard boiled eggs and cups to dye them in.

Use a separate cup to pour each color of drink mix in, fill it halfway up with water and stir to dissolve. Place an egg in and let it soak up the color until you’re happy and that’s it. If you want more vibrant colors, just add more Kool-Aid to the cup. Any Kool-Aid flavor will work to dye eggs, but some of the best shades come from Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, and Berry Blue powders.

Source: Southern Living

Heather Maack

Heather Maack

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