The Washing Machine Chronicles Part 1

I hate my washing machine. My dryer is a champ, but the washer -_- ugh. It's 5 years old and this is the 3rd time we've had to repair it. The first two times were covered by the warranty, but this time it's all on me.

Yesterday the parts for my washer finally arrived so after dinner I pulled up a Youtube video and went to work. The first part which needed repaired, the thermistor, was super easy. Two screws and a plastic clip. The second repair, the spider flange, requires removing the drum and tearing apart the whole washer!

After about THREE HOURS of grunting, swearing and trying not to rage quit the whole thing here's where we're at. Stuck because I didn't have a 7mm wrench to loosen clamp and remove the rubber boot. 

More wrenching tonight



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