Ugh, This Fence Project Will Not End!

Ok, we're SO CLOSE to finishing this dang fence project it's driving me nuts. We started working on it last week, which you see the start of the project here, and we hoped to have it done yesterday.

To start, the hardware we bought for the new post on the left, didn't fit for the old post on the right. The bands were too big. Off to Lowe's to exchange the too big bands for smaller ones. But Lowe's didn't have everything I needed. Off to Home Depot I go! 

I get back home and the new tension bands I bought were too SMALL!! Ugh! The extra suck part is those were the only two sizes both Home Depot and Lowe's had, too big and too small.

Now I have to either order the bands online or go to a fence supply store. We ended up using zip-ties to put the fence up as a temporary fix so we could let the dog out and not have him wander next door.

Give me a break, I just want to finish this project!



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