I Solved The Mystery Alarm Noises At My House

Monday I woke up at 6am because music was playing in my kitchen, which was weird because I didn't have an alarm set for 6am. And it was extra strange because the music was playing off my phone, which was linked up to the iHome in the kitchen via Bluetooth. I didn't connect my phone to the iHome. It did it all on its own.

Today I woke up again at 6am to this crazy noise coming from the kitchen again! It was the iHome's default alarm that sounded like something from the Inception soundtrack! Do you know how freaky that is?! 

Turns out my 2-year-old was playing with the iHome, and turned on an alarm for 6am. The iHome was searching for any Bluetooth connection it could find on Monday, which is why it connected to my phone. And today it couldn't connect to my phone, so it went to the default "Doom's a comin'!" alarm!

Dang kids!



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