Here's When BTS Member Jin Will Start His Mandatory Military Service

Photo: Getty Images

BTS member Jin will begin his mandatory military service in South Korea next month, a source tells CNN. He'll enter service December 13 at Yeoncheon army base in the northern Gyeonggi province.

Jin will be assigned to a unit after a five-week basic training course.

He is the first, and oldest, of the seven-member K-pop group to begin the mandatory military service, which is required for almost all able-bodied men to serve in the South Korean army for 18 months by the time they are 28 years old. A bill passed by parliament in 2020 allows men who "excel in popular culture and art" — pop stars — to defer until they're 30 years old. Jin turns 30 on December 4.

As Jin gears up for service, he posted a message to his fans on Weverse discouraging them from visiting the training center. "Reports have come out against my will, but our ARMYs should not come to the training center. It could be dangerous because the place will be crowded with many people besides me who are coming. ARMY, I love you," he wrote.

BTS first announced in October it would go on mandatory military service. The group has since taken a hiatus to focus on solo projects. They plan to reunite in 2025 after all members have served.

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