Utah Woman Faces Bigamy Charge After Las Vegas Wedding While Still Married

Photo: Getty Images

A Utah woman who got married in Las Vegas while still married to her first husband is now facing bigamy and perjury charges, according to court documents.

Ashley Lennon was arrested Monday (April 4) for a warrant that was issued in 2020, according to KLAS. The warrant said Lennon was planning a Las Vegas wedding while still legally married to her first husband, who she married in 2011.

In 2019, an email invitation was sent out that said Lennon was planning to get married again. Lennon and her first husband were in divorce proceedings but the divorce was not finalized when wedding No. 2 came around.

KLAS reported a witness told police they were "surprised to learn Ashley was capable of remarrying" since she was "still legally married."

In Lennon's arrest warrant, police wrote: "Ashley stated her legal counsel had advised her in the State of Utah they do not seek out or pursue bigamy charges so if she did get remarried despite not being divorced the State of Utah would not prosecute her."

Lennon was released without bond and must check in with the court once a week pending trial. She is due back in court in May.

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