5SOS' Ashton Irwin Tackles Body Dysmorphia In 'Skinny Skinny' Music Video

Ashton Irwin has released the music video for his first solo record.

On Wednesday (September 24), the 5 Seconds of Summer member unveiled the visual for a new song titled “Skinny Skinny.”

The track appears on Irwin’s forthcoming 10-song solo debut album, Superbloom, out everywhere October 23. According to Billboard, Superbloom explores an array of topics, including "childhood, alcoholism, depression, body dysmorphia, death, addiction, despair and hope."

“It is with a great explosion of joy and with my entire soul that I am proudly announcing to you all that I am releasing my first solo record. The album explores my inner philosophies and feelings about the walk of life I have found myself on,” the Australian superstar shared in a statement about his first LP, which was “over a decade in the making.”

In the five minute visual, which touches on everything from body insecurities to self-doubt, a shirtless Irwin can be seen dancing in front of several mirrors inside an empty warehouse as animated illustrations appear.

“We must fight against a common darkness that shadows our ability to live truthfully, to live without self doubt, and without self destruction and love ourselves for what we are,” he continued. “When writing ‘Skinny Skinny’ I first thought of myself, and many other young peoples struggles with body image and particularly body dysmorphia. It’s something I’ve never confronted in a creative form and I am feeling strong in saying ‘Skinny Skinny’ goes directly to that painful place in my mind.”

Ashton Irwin's Superbloom Tracklist:

1. "Scar"

2. "Have U Found What Ur Looking For"

3. "Skinny Skinny"

4. "Greyhound"

5. "Matter Of Time"

6. "Sunshine"

7. "The Sweetness"

8. "I'm To Blame"

9. "Drive"

10. "Perfect Lie"

Photo: YouTube/Ashton Irwin