Mom...I'm BORED. Try this!

It’s only the beginning of summer, but if you’re a parent, you may have already heard the “b” word from your kids. We’re talking about bored. Kids start saying they’re bored and moms and dads start wondering how much screen time is really too much. But before you let them spend the summer on their tablets or TV, here are a few ideas to beat your kids’ summer boredom.

  • Boredom jar- Fill a jar with slips of paper with an activity written on each one. You can come up with ideas that your kids will be into, like “build a fort” and “dance party.” But you can also stick chores into the jar, so they never know if what they grab will be fun or a task.
  • Pick from the “summer bucket list”- The first step for the family is to come up with a list of things they want to do before summer ends. But a boring paper list is no fun, so next it’s time to get creative with the ideas. You can write them on popsicle sticks and stick them in a bucket, or write them on clothespins and clip them on and off.
  • Nature photo scavenger hunt- Another idea to keep boredom at bay is to give the kids a list of 10 ot 15 ideas to go out and search for in a backyard nature hunt. Think butterfly, spiderweb, bug, rocks, and Y-shaped stick. It’ll get the kids outside and away from a screen for a little while and that’s what it’s all about.

Source:Good Morning America

Photo: Getty Images

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