YUNGBLUD Opens Up About Breakup From Halsey And Hating Los Angeles

In a new interview with Evening Standard Magazine, YUNGBLUD opened up about a variety of topics including being roommates with Lewis Capaldi, before they both got famous, and his infamous relationship with Halsey.

Speaking on the latter, he said “I went through a very public relationship, kind of getting my heart broken.”

The pair dated for a year after sparking rumors in late 2018. They even performed their smash hit “11 Minutes” at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. 

While both parties have been fairly quiet about their relationship (Halsey tweeted then deleted a comment denying cheating rumors), the 22-year-old “Original Me” singer got a little more candid about their time together. 

“Well, we were together when we could be together. I think that’s why things ended. We have our own goals and ambitions. We weren’t ready to… be together all the time,” he explained. It also didn't help that the Doncaster, England-born musician hated Halsey's home of Los Angeles. “It wasn’t real there. I found it very suffocating.” Thankfully, it seems like the pair is on good terms and still friends!

YUNGBLUD also revealed a tidbit some fans may not know: he once roomed with fellow singer Lewis Capaldi before they both made names for themselves! “We were teenagers going nowhere, sitting together in a flat all day,” he said. *The more you know!* 

Another fun fact he shared was the time he snuck into an industry party in London and was confident enough to tell Noel Gallagher that he'd recognize his name soon. “He said, 'What the f*** are you doing in here?' So I said, 'I snuck in.’” YUNGBLUD explained. ‘He said, 'Never f***ing heard of you.' I said, 'You will soon.'” He's now good friends with Gallagher's daughter, Anaïs. 

YUNGBLUD recently teased his album would be dropping this summer and a new song would arrive soon!

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