Katy Perry Reveals Why She Wants A Long Engagement

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Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry in the grandest of ways on Valentine's Day, but don't expect the couple to be walking down the aisle any time soon. During a brief chat with UK's Kiss Breakfast Wrap, the "Never Really Over" singer was asked if she was planning her big day.

“Well yeah, one step at a time," she said. "Definitely, you know, trying to, like, lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is, like, a big deal, you know?”

The 34-year-old was briefly married to Russell Brand between 2010 and 2012, so she has every reason to take this engagement slowly and make sure she and her partner are the best they can be for each other before saying "I do."

Back in March, Perry recalled to Ryan Seacrest how her fiancé totally blindsided her (in a good way) with his proposal.

“I had no idea and also it was fresh off the Grammys and there was so much going on,” she reminisced. “So when I went to go and meet my fiancé for dinner, I was somewhat tired and ready to go home, unbeknownst to me it was party time!” 

The actor ended up surprising her with a helicopter ride, where he popped the question. “I love holidays and I love themes, everyone knows that, so when Valentine’s comes at least I just want a little thoughtfulness,” she explained. “So I was like 'I just want to be able to have a nice, hearty Italian meal, that’s all,' but then I was like raging in a helicopter!”

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