Business Ideas for 2018

Are you someone who’s always wanted to start your own business? While being your own boss sounds like a great idea - and the idea of opening your own business can be daunting - if you choose the right type of business to go into, it could be great in the end.

Well, the Fit Small Business website has just released their list of the Top Businesses to Start in 2018 and some of the ones making the list may surprise you. The site looked at six factors when deciding which businesses are best, including, profit potential, minimum required education and training, competition and business growth and more. 

Topping the list is a Landscaping Service, with the site noting it has high profit potential, and you don’t necessarily need a higher education to do it.

Top Ten Businesses To Start in 2018

  1. Landscaping service
  2. Child daycare center
  3. Pet spa
  4. Roofing company
  5. Courier, messenger and local delivery service
  6. Janitorial service
  7. Residential remodeling
  8. Full service restaurant
  9. Beer, wine and liquor store
  10. Limousine service

Source: Biz Journals


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