Avoid Battles With Your Kids With These Tips

When you have to discipline your child, usually there is the typical “why?” or “it’s not fair”… you’ve heard them all we bet. Sometimes parents try and coax, reason, or just talk too much.

That gives the kiddo plenty of room to delay the inevitable. And, it turns out, they can only process so many words according to Dr. Joan Ershler, director of the Waisman Early Childhood Program at the University of Wisconsin. She says short and simple works best.

These phrases are as short and effective as they get. Tuck them in your parenting toolbox!

  • “I know, it’s hard” - a pat on the shoulder and sincere frown on your face goes a long way to validate…and calm… your kid’s big emotions.
  • “Walk, please!” - You can direct your child instead of telling them what not to do, which leads to an argument.
  • “Try again” or “Let’s have a redo” - Kids are more cooperative if they feel they have some control. They will focus on changing the behavior.
  • “I love you too much to argue” - It’s a “move along” moment. How can a child snap back from this gem?
  • “I can’t understand you when you use that voice” - Perfect to shut down whining. When they start talking normally praise them and explain why it was a good choice.
  • “How do we ask?” - A perfect manners reminder.
  • “What did I say?” - Don’t sound like you are scolding, genuinely ask the question.

Source: Parents

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