Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Most of us feel like we have nothing to wear, even though our closets are stuffed with clothing. But your wardrobe is definitely a place where quality over quantity matters most, so having a few key pieces that work together is better than having a ton of clothes that you can’t wear. If you’re not sure where to start with your closet, here are the wardrobe essentials all women should have, according to “Glamour” magazine.

  • A plain white tee - Nothing is more versatile than a white T-shirt. It goes with jeans, a fancy skirt, and so much more.
  • Ballet flats - They’re chic and comfy and look good with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress.
  • An elegant blazer - This wardrobe workhorse pulls together a look for the office and works with a dress in the evening as well.
  • Slip-on sneakers - Wearing these, you can walk miles in comfort and look way cooler than if you were wearing traditional running shoes.
  • A striped shirt - Pair your stripe tee with slouchy denim or a pencil skirt and plenty of other pieces in your closet.
  • Black pants - From work to brunch, a great-fitting pair of black pants is an everyday staple.
  • Sleek pumps - You might not wear them all the time, but you need a pair of confidence-boosting heels in your rotation.
  • Dark-wash denim - Every woman needs a trusty pair of dark-wash jeans because they work for everything from casual Friday at work to drinks to brunch on Sunday. And they hide stains better than light denim does. Bonus!
  • A white button-down - This classic top could be your wardrobe’s pinch-hitter, going with a simple skirt, those dark jeans, black pants, or even under a dress.
  • A little black dress - This is a blank slate for accessorizing and styling and a LBD is also outstanding on its own. Invest in a timeless cut that fits well and you’ll always be in style.

Source: Glamour


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