90's Hair Trends Are BACK!

First it was the scrunchie, which showed up on the runway last year. Now at New York Fashion Week, we’re seeing clips, headbands and pins and having flashbacks because these ‘90s hair accessories are back. Here are the trends we’ll be seeing again.

  • Claw clips - We can blame designer Alexander Wang for bringing this look back. At his fashion show models wore “hulking metal clips” around huge, slicked-back buns. This may not be a look you want to rock every day, but these clips sure come in handy when you’re growing out your lob.
  • Comb headbands - The last time these stretchy, spoked headbands were seen may have been in an Olsen Twins movie back in the ‘90s, but thanks to designer Prabal Gurung, they’re back. And even if you don’t want to wear one to the office, they’re great for keeping your hair pulled tightly back while washing your face.
  • Thick headbands - Designer Tom Ford sent every model at his fashion show out wearing thick leather and glitter headbands and the look was somewhere between ‘60s mod, ‘80s athleticism, and ‘90s grunge. Perfect for your next lazy Sunday brunch ‘do.
  • Hair chokers - This thin elastic band worn around the neck, holding down long hair underneath it creates a unique look. Not sure you’ll see too many hair chokers hitting the streets soon, but you never know with fashion trends.

Source: New York Post


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