NEW Must Have Fall Hair Colors

To see all the latest beauty trends, look no further than Instagram. You can always find the hottest runway looks, newest nail trends and hair colors on Insta. These are the stylish shades you’ll be seeing everywhere this season, especially on social media.

  • Vanilla Milkshake - It looks like your average ombre at first, but vanilla milkshake hair has ends the lightest shade of blonde and the roots are left natural for a “lived-in look.”
  • Root Beer - This is a fun way to update your brunette hair without making a big commitment. Root beer hair has "subtle ribbons of warm red tints" that add dimension but keep hair dark.
  • Champagne Bronde - We know bronde means that middle ground between brown and blonde and this is its cooler sister. Champagne bronde is really light - there are some white strands in there - but it “appears darker through the depth of its tones,” according to Australian hairstylist Kaitlin Jade.
  • Cream Soda - Celebs like Hailey Baldwin and Elisabeth Moss are sporting strands this golden shade this fall. Cream soda hair has brown-beige lowlights and really warm gold tones, creating a glow around the face. And it works for both brunettes and blondes.
  • Cinnamon Fade - This subtle red is perfect for fall. Colorist Christine Silverman says she creates the cinnamon fade shade by “enriching old highlights with an earthy red gloss,” so the hair has a subtle glow.

Source: The Zoe Report


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