Don't Get Scammed!

Watching all the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and other areas of Texas will understandably move many people to want to do something to help, and while giving money or goods is a great thing to do, folks need to make sure they aren’t being scammed. Unfortunately, while disasters like this bring out the best in people, they also brings out the worst, with crooks and scammers duping people into thinking they are donating to a real charitable organization and then running away with the money.

But there are things to look out for to make sure you aren’t being scammed and your money is really going to help those in need. Tips include"

  • Be on the lookout for organizations and websites with names that closely resemble reputable organizations, like rather than 
  • Real organizations have no problem providing proof a donation is tax deducible so if yours won’t, it could be a scam.
  • Never give money through a link you get via email, even if it’s sent by someone you trust. If you want to give to an organization go directly to their site and give money that way.
  • Watch out for email attachments with links allegedly to charitable organizations which could contain malware. 
  • Think twice before giving money to anyone pressuring you to donate. Reputable organizations should give you time to do your research before giving money 
  • Never give money to someone asking for cash donations or to have you wire them money.

Source: USA Today

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